Who are we?

We are operating our firm from a city, which is in the list of fastest growing cities of the world, called Ahmedabad the heart of Gujarat in India. Though being situated at one place, we are serving many of our clients around the world and as a result most of our clients have consulted us repeatedly for new contracts. Our business with you and success is based on the trust, transparency and commitment towards our work.

Technorex solutions services include Software Development, Website Development, Web Designing, Identity& Branding, Graphic Design, Content Writing, CRM & E-commerce Solutions, and Open source Development. We walk with keeping an eye on immediate future's technology.

What we do?

Technorex solutions is serving to IT industry with passion and aim to provide quality service. The two founders, who have been in this field, originated this firm with an aim of providing complete business solutions to their clients which help them to grow their business online. As being one of the companies which serve online business solutions around the globe, we know how much it takes to survive in current competition and hence we understand our clients' concern the most.

Mission, Vision & values


"Immense growth with combination of Imagination, Excellence and Devotion in markets we serve."


"Aspire to serve society in their online business with trust, intelligence and perfection"

We believe to make a significant change in the markets we exist. Our existence is based on transparency with our clients, our hard work and our constant innovation. Our focus is to be an IT giant which serves in all aspects of society around the globe, this is why we have the courage to accept we can be wrong, but coming up with more super solutions once again, learning from our mistakes. Our relationship with our clients is in terms of introducing society a new way that can change their life. Technorex do not accommodate anything other than perfection and brilliance.


  • Customer Focus: Customers are always on our focus when we are constantly working hard to make their investment worth. We are tied up with our customers to maintain confidentiality, quality and timelines

  • Teamwork and co-ordination: At Technorex solutions we are having a united work culture. We share resources, technology and new ideas with each other. Our team co-ordinates with not just with each other, we also co-ordinate with our clients on various aspects of projects in order to maintain transparency and trust.

  • Best Quality: We do not compromise quality over cost. Whatever it takes to achieve high quality, we go for it because our clients should not think that their investment on us is worthless.

  • Business Reliability: Our business with our client is not self centric, we are interested in clients’ business growth with us. Technorex solutions have collaboration principals which put clients on driver’s seat and letting them drive to their desired destination with satisfaction.

  • Competitive cost: Zero compromise on quality over cost does not mean we keep high costs for the services we provide. Our prices are setup after a complete go through on clients’ requirement, our efforts and and the time it takes to reach completion of projects. Technorex offers best price than its competitors making sure reasons behind offering price are convincible to clients.

Why we are the team you are looking for?


Because we offer best pricing to you without compromising the quality.


Enthusiastic, energetic and a perfect team for your projects.


Smart & splendid solutions for your online business, we offer.


Talented, brilliant and smart people to put efforts behind your online business.


Technology expansion is being done with the passage of time at Technorex so that we can serve you with latest technology available.


Easy go solutions we provide you, making sure you have total control of your product.


Adaptive designs, rich UI and programming standards are maintain in our every project.


Magnificent performance, stable and rich featured back-end we provide with guaranteed maintenance and service.