Content Writing

What is content writing?

As part of providing website content, a content writer will be writing SEO optimized website content ,blog posts, guest posts, product reviews, product descriptions (for e-commerce sites), newsletters, speeches and more. And you’ll be posting comments on blogs and forums as part of social media and/or SEO strategy. The purpose of website content is to serve as an SEO tool that helps websites rank higher on the search engine results page. The content also has to be compelling enough to encourage conversion of visitors that come in due to the higher search ranking of the website. And more than anything else content has to be interesting, relevant and appeal to the readers to keep them coming back. So as a content writer providing company, our content writer’s words have the power to make all this happen.

With various changes in search engine algorithms, quality of content has become paramount. Perhaps in the past, weaving content around a few chosen keywords may have worked. But now keyword stuffing will not only downgrade rankings, but can even get the website penalized. And you definitely don’t want that. High quality, original, relevant content that adds value to readers is of the essence at all times. Also because search engines place importance on fresh content, there is a need to provide continuous stream of updated content. And of course duplicate content is penalized.

Our process of content writing

  • We gather your business idea, current content if you have any, and the medium for what you want to write the content.

  • You need to tell us the number of pages for content writing.

  • When necessary we suggest you to represent some content graphically.

  • Package is discussed with you depending upon the quantity of content and pages.

  • Content will be delivered to you in doc file; you need to set it in your medium.