CRM & eCommerce

Now a days for a firm it is being very difficult to manage their clients, their staff, invoice details, communication records with clients as these things keep changing day to day in business. Customer relationship management software is an easy solution for all managing all these stuffs online. Technorex solutions is having expertise in providing CRM solutions for all kind of firms ranging from small business to large scale business. As well the CRM solutions, we also provide E-commerce solutions in Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop and CakePHP.

CRM Solutions

Every organization wants to deliver better service to their client as well needs to maintain whole cycle for their own good and for this, they use the best possible ways. Nowadays CRM software is widely in use as these are very effective and make the workforce smooth and swift. The software offers a business the capacity to assign, create and manage requests of the customers. Technorex solutions CRM puts you in complete control of your sales pipeline, allowing your sales team members to effectively manage, forecast, and report on all phases of the project. The CRM modules work with most of the sectors exist out there. But mostly it is in demand for following sectors: Health Sector, IT sector, Education sector, Government Organizations, Industrial and Financial Sectors. One can improve their sales tremendously with the help of CRM sales module, which is targeted to converting all leads into sales. Thus, Technorex provides a complete solutions for CRMs, we do module expansions as per client demands as CRM systems intended to be grown up with the time.

Benefits of CRM

  • Better customer service

  • Easy expansion for necessary modules as time comes

  • Customer query and report generator

  • Employee Account Management

  • Company Portfolio Management

  • Tracking the traffic and sales data

  • Easy management, tracking and updating of data without consuming time

Our CRM package includes

  • Sales Marketing and Analytic module

  • Employee management module

  • Salary management module

  • Client personal details module

  • Various company detail module

  • Project Management

  • Invoice module

E-commerce Solutions

Ecommerce is a virtual version of shopping, which gives you options to chose products, compare products, place orders and receive orders all at just sitting on a chair and by playing with your mouse and keyboard. Moreover, you can reach to numerous people not just around your city or state but around the world. One of our core competencies is Ecommerce development to help you step into the billion dollar e commerce market. Our team is specialized in building e-commerce websites using Wordpress, Magento and Prestashop. Whatever technology we used depending upon the complexity and features a client is intended to provide users, we always aim on how efficiently your ecommerce portal will interact with customers. We have gained excellence working with different e-commerce demands for clients. We are efficient to integrate payment gateways, multiple payment gateways, a stealth database design, strong yet user friendly front-end and a very simple to use yet covering all massive features admin panel for product management.

Our Ecommerce package includes

  • A solid and detail oriented design

  • Product catalog planning with admin back-end

  • Product Image resize, light weight conversion from back-end

  • Custom tailored shopping basket & checkout design

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • Set up an SSL certificate for secure transactions

  • All kind of payment gateway integrations

  • A detailed product process management design in back-end

  • Invoice of all purchase and report generator in back-end for better customer support

Our CRM-eCommerce Work

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