Web Designing

Your First Impression Does Count!

Web design is the creation of websites, which describes your business. This includes the information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colours, fonts, imagery and a presentation of your business. All of these are combined with the principles of design to create a website that describes your business, your business modal, your team and everything that makes your client to think about you. Your website is your spokesperson. It creates your presence that you are walking with technology and appealing customer to trust you by explaining them your work, introducing them with your team, presenting your skills and convincing portfolio.

Technorex solutions has a clear understanding on web design field and its technology. We know what suits our clients best depending on their business; we know how a website will help them to present themselves to their customers. So, we just not design things, we make combinations of design and development. We do take care of cross-browsers compatibility, mobile and tablet devices views, design perfection while looking in to different resolutions, W3C compliance and a quick website loading times with best performance.

Benefits & Help

  • Uniform Brand Identity

  • Making easy to understand business for customers

  • An easy way to present work and client’s speak

  • Polished details with help of graphics and rich text

  • Gains customer trust by being transparent

  • Table less HTML and AJAX combinations we offer which makes user experience better.

  • Custom web template, fresh designs we offer which convince you at first look.

  • Rich GUI, graphics, content which speaks all about your business.

  • W3C compliance designs

  • Cross-browsers, mobile and tablet compatible designs

Our Web Design Work

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